1. No DDOS
  2. No Bruteforcing
  3. There are no more rules.

My mini CTF

Hello, visitor. Up for some fun? Are you knowledgable about html, css and javascript? Here, you can try some of the challenges I've created over my free time.

Note that I'm not really a pro or knowledgable at these languages at any means, these challenges will be pretty simple and won't require much. If you're still a student learning about these languages, you can still probably complete these! Good luck!

The main CTF

This is the main CTF I've created at the start. It contains 3 challenges, which tests your html, css and javascript.

Note: the last page, on form creation, is not a real challenge, it was just created for fun. Do not stress yourself on how to get through that.

Side note: Found that you were redirected back here? If I detect that you've tried to hack through it by just circumventing the form, I'll redirect you back here. Just go back to the webpage you were on to continue!

I have some other challenges as well, some easier, some harder. I've placed these in a separate section mostly so that you do not need to complete the main one to try these one, I wouldn't one anyone stuck in one part to be unable to experience the rest! Try them out if you like!

Other CTFs:
Logging in madness

This...was a bug that hit me as I was developing my menu. See if you can get past it!