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The trailer for the game.

Generic Role-Playing Game (GRPG) is a top down 2d open world game similar to RuneScape, allowing players to explore, gather resources and kill monsters to gain experience and become stronger in their multiple skills. This complex game was developed within a 3 week assignment to challenge a 3 man team, and was eventually one of the game showcased in Ngee Ann's Graduation Showcase on March 2015, and also selected to be one of the featured projects to be publicized to the public and put up on the public facing website.
In this parody of RuneScape, players start off as a generic adventurer with no skills at all, and must slowly work their way up to by killing monsters and training their skills so as to do better and combat, and perform faster actions. GRPG contains 9 different skills, a built in tutorial in the game space, similar to a Tutorial Island, a storyline following quests and items. GRPG also contains multiple enemies inside the wilderness, an area that contains progressively tougher enemies as the player adventurers further inside. The player is expected to level up enough to compete his final quest, which is to kill the final boss Aildiuln, which will fight the player in 3 phases, not unlike a raid boss. After completing the storyline, the game adds rifts, a parody of dungeoneering in Runescape, inspired by the game Rift. Appearing anywhere in the wilderness, entering a rift will cause waves of enemies to spawn and attack.
In terms of technical details, GRPG features many optimizations to make the game run as smooth as possible. Many textures are loaded once then re-used in all sources, with many items holding their own TextureManager. The MapLoader stores every file's texture, loading it only on demand, as well as only loading the visible part of the map at any point of time, shifting the location of objects as the player moves. The UI, such as the health bar, is drawn using primitives, and is not re-intialized every frame, but only when required.

If you're interested in playing, you can download a zip file of the entire game here. You can also checkout the project on github here.