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The King's Hand Poster The poster created for the game, featuring some of the moments in the game.

The King's Hand is a 3-dimensional 1st person Archery simulation game, which throws the player into missions with ever increasing diffculty to assassinate targets, and then return to the evacuation zone to get away. This game makes use of a bow and arrows instead of guns, which allows more factors to be added in, such as wind direction and heartbeat. The King's Hand is one of the projects that was shown in Ngee Ann's Graduation Showcase on March 2015.
In this game, the player takes on the role of an assassin, and is given a series of randomly generated missions, constantly increasing in difficulty. Every mission will consist of randomly chosen variants, each of which may change the mission's layout or the target's AI, or change the tasks that needs to be completed, providing plenty of mission variety for the player. Completin the mission grants favour and skill points, which can be invested into 8 different skills. The player plays to gain as much favour as possible, there is no winning condition - this is essentially a survival game. The player loses once he gets caught by a guard and stabbed, or loses so much favour with the guild due to mission failure that the guild decides to end his life.
Every mission, the player will be told the list of variants that is applied to this mission, such as "Target is always moving", or "Target has a hostage". In order to identify the target, the player will be told the target's shirt and pants colour, and must identify the target through matching his clothes, instead of the other civilians. While the player can shoot at anyone, including civilians, this will waste previous limited arrows, and will cause the player to fail if the player is given a mission variant to "not harm any civilians". Once the target is found, the mission has to be completed. Goals could range from requiring the target or guards to be dead, keeping a certain person alive, or stealing from a chest etc. After the objective(s) are completed, the player must return to an evacuation zone on the map and stay in that zone for 5 seconds before he is transported out of the map.
The King's Hand was also one of the games that was showcased in Ngee Ann's Open House, to show new players coming to the Game Development Specalization what can be done by the end of the specalization. The feedback from the visitors resulted in the introduction of tips into the game, which would tell the players any information they need as they played the game, as many found it too difficult. Bonus arrows was also added to early missions so that players have more arrows to spare early on instead of losing after a few misses. With plenty of mission variations, the King's Hand has the potential to keep one occupied for hours playing through the different types of missions.

You can download the game's installer here or a direct executable here. Press alt-Enter to turn on Fullscreen (Option-Enter on a MAC). Note for colourblind users: Check in the options menu for colourblind options!