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Who Knows One of the design plans for the game. This isn't too far off from the final version.

Who Knows was a project that Ngee Ann wanted me to create. The game is greatly inspired by Wits and Wagers, which is a board game for 3 to 7 players. The game is basically an MCQ question fest where instead of the game providing the options, the player provides the options themselves. In the board game, a host, which can also be a player, selects a card (given to you when you buy the game) and then asks the question printed on the card, which requires a numerical answer. Every player then thinks of an answer, and writes it down on a card. Once all players have submitted their answer, all answers are revealed. Players then get two chips which they can then bet on whichever question they want. There is a big chip and a small chip, worth 2 and 1 points respectively. The correct answer is then revealed, and everyone who bet on the correct answer earns points, while the one who submitted the answer earns 1 point as well. If no answer matches, the answer that it is the closest without going over is the winner. This game is very interesting because you don't necessarily have to know the answer, you just have to know who knows the answer, and bet on the person's answer. This opens up plenty of strategies as well, for example if a football question comes up, and you're the football guru in the group, you can choose to give the wrong answer, for example, 1 more than the correct answer - which then everyone will bet on and get 0 points!
The electronic version is basically the same thing, except that instead of it being a board game it is now electronic. That means that it is easier for people to enter in answers, scores and bets are kept track of automaticaly. The last round is also a betting round, where each player gets a golden chip in which they can bet their own points on. If they get it correct, they win double the amount - but if they lose, they lose all their points! This allows for comebacks.
The program here is made using Game Maker Standard Edition, and was made by two programmers and a graphics artist, where I was one of the programmers. It was done through 6 weeks, where we were allowed to select how we wanted to do it, on any language. The program currently has two versions, a client version and a server version. If the server is started, it must load the questions from a file, written in a simple format. The file requires a question, then an answer on the next line, then a question on the next line, and so on. An example of such a file can be found here.
I was later re-employed to upgrade this project, porting it over to a web based application with the ability to connect to a database and read from it, as well as reconnect ability so that users can return to the game if they accidentally disconnect. This would also allow playing from a user's own computer, connected through the internet to the server instead of having to be on a local connection. Due to my internship project, the project was later handed over after I managed to set up the basic foundation, including the database structure, a page to edit the database, and a reconnect functionality. The web project has now been further upgraded to handle text input now.

If you're interested, you can download the executable Game Maker files: Server version and Client version. This file is set to connect to, so it can be ran directly using own computer. The web based application cannot be released currently.