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Little Strike Poster The poster for the game

Battle against your friends in an all out brawl to find out who can kill each other more often! Featuring a multiplayer peer to peer client, players can connect with each other, pick a team, load up on a weapon and their specialization, then meet each other on the battlefield for a deathmatch! Little Strike was created by a 2 man team, where the work was mainly split between networking and the combat system. This game ended up being played for approximately an hour by the entire class during the presentation, holding up with over 10 simultaenous connections and combat between 10 clients. It ended up being selected to be one of the projects showcased in Ngee Ann's Graduation Showcase on March 2015, and also chosen to be one of the featured projects to be publicized to the public and put up on the public facing website.
Little Strike features over 8 different weapons and 8 specializations for every player, giving every player plenty of choices for their loadout. Players can then find out how well everyone is doing by looking up the scoreboard. Little Strike ends up being a game where you find out who your friends really are - the person who is advantageous to your team and decimates the enemy, or the person who team kills all day long? Little Strike is a game developed using C#, with Windows Forms, and took about 2 weeks to complete as a 2 man team.

If you're interested, you can download the game here. When you start the game, you can customize whether you want to start a server or client, and the ip address and port to connect to. Basic controls are: WASD to move, click to fire. (Will fire at where your mouse cursor is).