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web design image An example of an web page that I've created (Click to visit web page) is created, using html, css, javascript and php to create a decent looking webpage, which, while admittedly using bootstrap, looks slightly different from most sites that use bootstrap. It allows users to login to the site to gain certain privileges. It contains a download page that allows users to download public files, or certain files that there are authorized to download. The download link also allows people to share their links to others as well. It is created using a querystring, thus allowing users to share the url with other users to give them the file for them to download. If the user attemps to download a file that (s)he does not have permission for, (s)he is prompted to log in first before the file is provided. Files that are non-existent cannot be downloaded as well. The site also contains about me page that utilizes parallax scrolling to showcase information to the user, as well as contact me page to allow users to contact me if there is anything wrong with the site or if there is anything else they need. Obviously, the site also has a landing page as well, that uses AJAX to load multiple work as the user requests them, and also uses AJAX for loading any licenses.
Additionally, the site also acts as an additional platform to add any other work I am interested in adding, such as a MiniCTF for users to try out and see if they can complete the easy challenges.

If you're interested, you can take a look around this site.