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Simple Petals Around the Rose image A screenshot of a game in progress

Simple Petals Around the Rose is a game craeted in Windows 8 based on the game Petals Around the Rose . Petals around the rose is a game and/or challenge. Basically, a player, who knows the secret, rolls 5 dice and comes up with an answer based on the 5 dice. All the other players who don't know the answer can then try to guess the answer. There are only 3 rules. Firstly, the name of the game is Petals Around the Rose, and that name is signficant. Secondly, the answer is always an even number, or 0. Thirdly, the player who knows the secret can tell the answer to any roll you wish, or you can guess it yourself. What you have to do is try to find the forumla on how many petals are there. If you think you have gotten it, do not tell anyone. You will become a Potentate of the Rose and be sworn to secrecy on the answer. The forumla for determining the answer based on the 5 dice is always the same and doesn't change.
Simple Petals Around the Rose attempts to facilitate usefulness and quickness so as not to annoy the user while the user is trying to solve the challenge. To do this, Simple Petals Around the Rose utilizes a textbox which is always selected, and all commands in the game can be done through this text box. The player can type in the answer to the text box to make a guess on the current roll, and can make as many guesses as the player wishes. The player can also press enter without typing anything to have the answer revealed. Once that's done, the dice stays on the screen so that the player can compare the answer and the dice, before the player presses enter again to roll again. All responses, from both the game as hints, or a log of the guesses, rolls and answers, are shown below the text box for the player for convenience. To preserve screen estate, current statistics are not shown on the screen but can be brought up by bringing up the app bar, and it is automatically revealed once the player gets the answer. Simple Petals Around the Rose is also made to scale based on screen size, and will still look perfectly fine on snapped or portrait mode. With unlockables such as another dice type, the ability to challenge a friend and more, Simple Petals Around the Rose has the ability to keep you entertained for hours!

If you're interested, you can check out the game on the store for more screenshots.