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Competitive elevator Screenshot A screenshot of the game in progress.

Have you ever waited for an elevator in a building and felt that the elevator was very inefficient and slow? Did you feel that you could do a better job if you were given the chance to design how the elevator would work? Well now you can put those skills to the test in Competitive Elevator! Play as an elevator in a building against other players to see if you can fax more passengers than them, or play in Single player mode in an ever-increasing number of floors as you attempt to fax passengers in a reasonable amount of time!
In multiplayer mode, play against another player to see who can fax the most passengers in 60 seconds. But be warned: passengers will board the elevator that reaches their floor first, as long as it isn't full. This means that if you are racing to reach floor 10 with your opponent, if your opponent hits floor 10 before you then all the passengers could board your opponent's elevator, leaving you with a bunch of wasted time spent traveling there with no progress.
In single player mode, play as an elevator in a rapidly expanding building! Keep doing well and more floors are added into the building, but your elevator gains upgrades to keep up with the pace! How long can you last before your passengers get too pissed at the elevator being too slow?
Competitive Elevator also features several different skins that you can purchase in order to show off the design of your elevator. There is no pay to win aspect - you cannot buy stats with real money, only cosmetics.

If you're interested in playing, you can find the game on the play store here.