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Calculator SNAP image A screenshot of Calculator SNAP in the snapped position, which is the way it's meant to be utilized.

Calculator SNAP is a fairly simple application I created that acts as a calculator in Windows 8. Unlike 'usual' calculators, instead of providing a numpad where you have to click on the numbers (1-9) and the symbols (+, -, *, /), it provides a text box for the user to type in whatever he wants. This allows the application to use lesser screen space, and also provides some features other calculators don't have, such as the ability to copy and paste the input or the answer. With lower screen space requirements, this allows the calculator to feature it's usability as being snapped, instead of requiring fullscreen like other metro calculator apps. As any calculator application should provide, it has BODMAS/BEDMAS, including implicit multiplication precedence and brackets, as well as nesting brackets in brackets. Calculator SNAP also provides real-time calculation as you type, while you can disable error messages from appearing in real-time by changing the settings. Along with error messages for any situation, the calculator is also a small, lightweight application, meant to start up quickly.
Calculator SNAP has also been added as a product by Softpedia's editors, and this is also in their database of software programs for the Windows operating system. It has over 300 downloads and has also gained the Softpedia 100% CLEAN award. Calculator SNAP is also my first GUI app, and has undergone numerous bug fixes and changes since then. (i.e. previously, it did not have a feature for disabling error messages from appearing in real time.)

If you're interested, you can take a look at the application on the Windows 8 store and view more screenshots there.