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Indian Poker image A screenshot of the gameplay of the game, Indian Poker.

Indian Poker (also known as Blind man's Bluff) is a simple game, which is extremely similar to Poker (as its name suggests), but with a twist: you can't see your own card, but you see all your opponent's cards. As described in the source code, in this game, each player takes a card and places it on their forehead. Thus, everybody can see everyone's cards except their own. At any point of time within the game, any player may choose to change their card. Ace is the highest card and 2 is the smallest, and thus the goal of the game is to get your opponent's card to as low as possible while trying to keep your card high. To do so, you must try to trick the enemy into thinking their card is high (if it's low) or low (if it's high), and filter out information you are learning from other players to find out if your card is high, or change it if it's not. Thus, Indian Poker has a lot of mind games built into it. Indian Poker can be played with 2 or more players, but it's more fun with more players.
Coded using proedural programming, this program uses the command prompt to emulate a game of Indian Poker between the player and an AI. The game consists of 4 different AIs that you can try to beat, starting from easiest to the hardest. Easter eggs are also in the game, entering certain values into the main menu screen may result in certain changes when you actually play the game. Note that Indian Poker is a game I created when just starting learning programming, so as to see what I can do with it. As such, it isn't very well optimised (if at all) and the code is terribly done.

If you're interested, you can download the source code or the compiled class files.
Alternatively, I've coded a GUI that emulates the command prompt environment to try to run the program with a GUI, but it doesn't work very well and may cause the program to have unexpected behaviors if incorrect input is supplied. You can try downloading the program though, if you wish.

This work is licensed under the WTFPL 2.0 (Click to view) Basically, you can do whatever you want with this work.