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Myo Space Shooter Screenshot A screenshot of the game in progress.

The Myo is an armband that you can wear similar to a watch. It will detect your arm movements as well as any gestures you make with your hand, such as a fist. Space Shooter is a top down shooter game created that uses Myo technology so you can use your hand to control the ship. Space Shooter features 3 different enemy types, powerups for the players, as well as waves of enemies.
To play Space Shooter, you will need a Myo armband. Start by performing a double tap with your fingers to correct the game's orientation, so that the game knows the orientation of your arm and can tell which way is left and which is right. The ship will follow the arm's movement. Hold a fist to fire, you may keep on holding the fist to perform continuous firing. These instructions are also explained in the game when you start it.
Space shooter was developed in Unity. It is a game that is designed for stroke patients, who tend to have limited arm movement and thus cannot do well with games that require large amounts of arm movements in quick succession, which removes many of the action type gameplay we have today. With a myo armband, it will be easier for them to play the game through moving their arm, and allow them to exercise the muscles while playing. It was originally played by connecting a stressball to the game and then having the player's ship shoot whenever the stressball was squeezed. The player did not have any control over the ship and the ship would automatically move from left to right. To combat this lack of controlled movements, enemies did not fire. I implemented a connection to the Myo, added code to allow the player to set the Myo's orientation and control the ship using the Myo armband, as well as firing for the enemy ships, with different types of firing patterns for the 3 different types of enemies. This was done within approximately 2 weeks.

If you're interested in playing, you can find the game on the Myo store here.